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The East Terrace Cooperative Lifestyle

Carefree, 55-plus living that you control

If the idea of shoveling snow and cleaning gutters no longer appeals, East Terrace Cooperative offers an alternative.


Living at East Terrace Co-op gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, while providing the control and security you insist on. All of this, in a beautiful place to call home, located in an ideal spot, right here in Minnesota. Scroll down, or click below to learn more...



What is a cooperative?

A housing cooperative is a form of multifamily homeownership. The cooperative itself is its own "not-for-profit" corporation, which is owned and operated by the residents. There is no other owner of our dynamic and vibrant community, it is owned by the members, which creates a great sense of pride and independence among its home owners.


Secure,Turn-key Living

East Terrace Coop is professionally managed and meticulously maintained, so you'll never have to waste your precious time mowing the lawn or cleaning out the garage again...

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Ownership and Control

Living at East Terrace Coop means that you call the shots. You and your fellow coop members are the owners.



Community is what East Terrace is all about. Sharing your beautiful surroundings, participating in the decisions that matter, and living the way you want to live, together with people who share your enthusiasm and spirit.

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The city of Cambridge, situated on the picturesque Rum River, is located between the best of both worlds- the Gateway to the Northland and everything that the Twin Cities and surrounding area have to offer.

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